Finding Your First Customer – Your Dorchester Moment

This week at Breakthrough we’re looking into the importance of finding your first customer or trader. Lara Morgan started her first business Pacific Direct Ltd aged 23, selling it 17 years later for £20 million. She attributes much of her success with building her business in its early stages to the fact that she secured a prestigious and well-recognised first client – the Dorchester Hotel.

Over the course of this week, we will be looking at Breakthrough clients who have ‘found their Dorchester’ or sold to their first client/customer.

Finding Your First Customer

Finding your first customer

“Pacific Direct was launched in 1991 on the steps of the Dorchester. This was literally the place where I pulled my shoulders back, stood up straight  and steeled myself for my first hotel amenities sales meeting.”


“Little did I know then the power and importance of selling to one of the world’s most prestigious properties. The value of being able to quote Dorchester as my first client was critical and became very much the core introduction of every cold call I made thereafter. I quickly realised this and have used the focus of winning a well-recognised and prestigious account as a door opener ever since”.

Lara Morgan on finding her Dorchester (finding your first customer).

Getting in touch with Breakthrough is a great first step to running your own, successful business. Our next workshop is filling up fast so sign up now. If you’re in your first 12 months trading, we can help you to grow with our recruitment support too. Get in touch: 0845 600 3660.

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