Breakthrough Stories: Trailrunningman®

Edward Chapman has been in business for many years however knew that setting up and running Trailrunningman would require a different skill set and approach. After the 2 day Breakthrough workshop Edward realised he may have to change his business model and that’s when the idea of a subscription e-magazine arose…

Breakthrough Stories: Trailrunningman®


Tell us about your business

Trailrunningman® is a business based around my passion for running and the outdoors. I am an adventurer, coach, speaker, writer and more recently a publisher.Trailrunningman 1

Tell us about your Breakthrough journey so far?

I have been in business for many years, however I knew that the Trailrunningman® business would require different skills and approach so I approached the Growth Hub who directed me to the Breakthrough Programme. I attended a two-day workshop and it was then that I realised I would have to change my business model and the idea of a subscription e-magazine arose. I then took part in the follow-on workshops which helped the new idea develop into a minimum viable product which resulted in the first issue of the magazine being launched in November. Having regular meeting with a Business Development Manager who had experience in journalism and marketing help tremendously in improving the offering.

What is the best bit about the support you’ve received?

Having people challenge me and my ideas.

What did you do or change as a result of our support?

Changed the focus from coaching and public speaking to the e-magazine.

Do you have any specific examples of how we made a positive impact on you and your business?

There are plenty of examples from the change of focus, to exploiting opportunities fully.

How did you introduce your business to the public and ultimately found your first customer? What main challenges did you have to face to find your first customers and how did you overcome them?Trailrunningman 2

Having credibility. Overcome by demonstrating my expertise by responding to relevant queries on social media, giving free subscriptions to key influencers and writing articles for websites.

How has your business evolved in the past 12 months?

From zero to a publisher.

What are your plans for the future?

Continue improving the magazine, developing paid public speaking opportunities, further developing writing opportunities and look at developing income streams.

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