Breakthrough Stories: The Real Maple Company

Inspired by a trip back to Canada, Ravi and Sarah launched The Real Maple Company in 2017 to provide a product to the UK market with no additives or impurities which has sustainability at its core, giving ‘profit back to the planet’ through a collaboration with One Tree Planted.

The Real Maple Company

Ravi, please tell us about your business
When Sarah (co-founder) and I went to my home country, Canada, a few years ago, we brought back maple syrup to our friends and family for Christmas gifts. They were the most loved out of all the presents; we thought that we could be onto something.The Real Maple Company

The maple syrup we sell comes in these gorgeous glass bottles and it’s something we are really proud of – real maple syrup in real glass bottles. Our maple syrup is tapped sustainable from maple forests and has only one ingredient (maple syrup). For Sarah and I, both health professionals, it’s important to be able to promote something that has no additives or impurities.

We also believe in our responsibility we have to the planet. That’s why we are an active member of 1% for the Planet, a group of businesses that donate 1% of their annual sales to a worldwide network of environmental organizations.

We are also forest guardians, and have partnered with One Tree Planted, to ensure that we can support their work in planting trees around the world. So yes, the business is about maple syrup, but it’s also about providing a real, sustainable product that gives back to the community and to the forests.

What was the reason you decided to get in touch with Breakthrough?
Breakthrough was a game changer for our business. We are both health professionals, and have spent a lot of our time in the NHS and doing work in hospitals. We needed to really chew through some ideas that were just…. ideas. We contacted Breakthrough to take ideas and turn them into action.

How has your Breakthrough experience been so far?The Real Maple Company: Breakthrough Stories
Our Breakthrough experience has been like a snowball at the top of the hill – from taking the courses, we have met people who have guided us, help write our website, become friends with and just generally said, “Yes, that makes sense.” Just to hear “you are on the right track” has some real intangible benefits.

Are there any successes you would like to share from 2017?
We launched, just before Christmas! It was a huge day for us! Because of Breakthrough, we were able to get started within six months. I think having someone accountable to you really helps and it was a great day to know that we had gone from idea to real.

Is there anything you would do differently this year?The Real Maple Company: Breakthrough Stories

I think there is a lot we need to learn and do in terms of getting our website ranking on Google, getting more information on customers on how they use maple syrup and start to build some e-newsletter traffic. It’s all a process and we’re just getting started.

How have you been supported through the Breakthrough programme? Have you met with any business mentors and how did they help?

We’ve had a few great coaches and mentors that we have met through the Breakthrough programme – we’ve got a number of mentoring sessions that have the potential to really help shape the rest of our year.

What are your future plans for The Real Maple Company?
Well, we’d love to continue to see how this business can help benefit the planet by expanding our social and sustainable platform. Our next step is also to link with a local maple forest farm in Canada and private label (have our own maple syrup) and then officially ‘own’ the product. We’re hoping to grow, like a tree would, over the next few years and expand our roots.

Finally, reasons why you love what you do
We love running The Real Maple Company because it’s a sustainable enterprise that gives 1% of the profits back to the planet. Our product is pure, real and a great delight to see grow.The Real Maple Company: Breakthrough Stories


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