Wild Tipi: Breakthrough Stories

This week, it’s all about the stars aligning and collaboration reinforcing your original vision and the ethos of your company. It’s about our magical Breakthrough clients, Wild Tipi, set up by husband and wife Sam and Tim.

Wild Tipi - Breakthrough Stories

Collaborating with the right partner or winning a much sought-after client can be the opportunity of a lifetime. Lara Morgan founder and former CEO of Pacific Direct Ltd came to Cornwall recently and talked about her “Dorchester Moment”. Her company manufactured and sold brand licensed toiletries and amenities to the hotel industry but launching it all was the moment, as a one woman-band, she walked into one of the world’s finest and London’s most famous, landmark hotels, and won her first major contract. The rest snowballed. With the Dorchester amongst her clients, doors opened all over the place. Seventeen years later, she sold her majority share for £20million.

This month we’re blogging about the excitement, the pitfalls and the opportunities around finding your “Dorchester Moment”.

Breakthrough clients and husband and wife Sam and Tim from Wild Tipi dream became a reality when they launched their business in January with huge success. With rapid growth though, they say it was easy to head down the wrong path. Now, with plans to collaborate with Natural England, National Trust and the Forestry Commission, they say this meeting of minds, is pulling them back to their roots, and directing the path to travel.

They came to a Breakthrough Workshop back in March and have been working with their coach Ernie Capbert since:

“Working with Sam and Tim has been an incredibly rewarding experience. They both have so much love and passion for not only the experience they offer people and brides with their tipis, but also the genuine belief that spending more time outdoors, is better for all of us. It’s a simple message and I think people are really starting to hear it. The work with Natural England, National Trust and the Forestry Commission is only going to spread that message further. I’m so excited for them”.

We caught up with Sam and Tim – and some of their stunning tipis to talk about their journey and the way Breakthrough has helped.

To find out more about their infectious reason for starting their business and to learn more about their product and services, their website tells their story: wildtipi.co.uk/about/

To see if we can help your start-up business with our 2-day workshop as well as one-to-one coaching, tell us your story here.

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