Access All Areas With The Breakthrough Coaches

Over the last few weeks, we’ve brought you a range of candid insights from the Breakthrough team of Oxford Innovation Coaches on a plethora of topics pertinent to those starting up a business.

Access All Areas With The Breakthrough Coaches

First up is Breakthrough Coach Chris Hines outlining the main challenges that many start-up businesses face in their first year of trading.

Breakthrough Coach Ernest Capbert outlines why determination and tenacity are vital to any start-up businesses success, recalling when he stepped out of his comfort zone to start a business, Finisterre, on the other side of the world from his friends and family.

Networking isn’t all about business suits and coffee breath. Unlocking Potential’s Programme Director Allyson Glover has a significant track record in business management and team development. Here, she talks about the importance of networking, especially for entrepreneurs.

Breakthrough Coach Lynda Clark puts the spotlight on how the Breakthrough programme can help entrepreneurs and start-up business owners achieve a healthy work/life balance and manage their time effectively.

Geoff Winwood, Breakthrough’s Coach Team Leader, shares his top considerations when recruiting within a start-up business.

Ernest Capbert, in our Breakthrough candid coaching series, explains why networking should not be underestimated as a way to build fledging start-up businesses.

In the next instalment of our Breakthrough candid coaching series, Rhona Hope talks about the importance of clear management and prioritising tasks when growing a start-up business.

Recruitment for start-ups can be difficult to navigate. Breakthrough coach Derek Tanner talks us through some of the more common recruitment challenges he has seen with growing start-up businesses and why you should never underestimate the importance of your human resources.

In the last instalment of our Breakthrough candid coach videos, Lloyd Brina Breakthrough talks about the importance of networking for start-up businesses.

Our next workshop is filling up fast so sign up now. If you’re in your first 12 months trading, we can help you to grow with our recruitment support too. Get in touch: 0845 600 3660.

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